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'Ahlan wa sahlan' means 'welcome' in Arabic and goes to show the great hospitality of the Jordanian people. 'Ahlan wa sahlan', you shall hear it many times when visiting Jordan. When people are just making friendly conversation and welcome you to their country or when they offer you a nice cup of mint-flavored tea.


Petra Silk Road Hotel  combines the warmest Arabian hospitality with the splendor of the ancient city of Petra, the Petra Silk Road Hotel offers an experience of a lifetime.


Silk road hotel is a three stars hotel located at the main tourist street and only three~ minute walk from the main gate to Petra actually you can view the gate from your own room the hotel and restaurant from a part of a (complex) building which provides several tourist facilities : car rental taxi service souvenir shops barber shop Turkish bath colored sand bottling and film developing all in the same building.


Enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Overlooking the dramatic Petra valley, the Petra Silk Road Hotel combines the warmest Arabian hospitality with the splendor of an ancient city carved into rose-red cliffs.



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Petra - Jordan



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